IQ Option is one of the best quality platforms which is managed by the IQ option Europe Limited, and it is a financial services provider based in Cyprus. It is one of the forms which has been designated as the Cypriot investment firm. It comes under the jurisdiction of cySEC. Today, We’re Going to do IQ Option Review & Find out, Is it worth to trade on IQ Option or not? Or is it just another scammy trading platform?

This organization has been authorized to provide services which are financial to the clients which are from the European economic area, and the CIF license number which they have is #247/14.

The launch date of this platform was 2013, and it has been growing a lot since that time. The minimum deposit which you have to process is the lowest when compared to other search platforms. You will be getting a free demo account along with the minimum deposit requirement at $10. Online trading is now accessible to a wide range of people and therefore the growth.

The instruments which this organization allows you to use our stocks, options, Forex, cryptocurrencies and a lot more. This Company has arrived a lot more than usual because of the fast growth and the reason for the rapid growth is the trust factor. In August 2019, more than 50 million trading accounts were registered with this broker, and these traders make more than 1 million trades every day.

The turnover of IQ Option is 25 million dollars per month.

The main field in which IQ option works is of CFD brokers. Large companies like + 500 or e toro are the competitors of this website. IQ options are still well known even with this tedious competition. There are several platforms if you want to opt for binary trading. Most of the instruments which are available inside the application can be used to trade from around the world. Still, the clients who are from the European economic area can only use the trade fx options which are similar to other types of trading due to the latest regulations which have been updated.

So you might want to know whether this application is safe and secure. All the answers which you want to get are provided below in the review which we have detailed below. Not only the main thing, but there are also other things with this platform will offer such as training emails which help you succeed with binary options trading and in case you are new to reading, you will be able to find out about hedging, rollover and a lot of other things. All of the emails which are sent to you are interesting, but if you are already familiar with what you are doing, then you might find them a little spammy.

Security is one of the main issues which we face when we are doing online trading. Brokers coma stock exchanges and other intermediaries which are a part of trading mustn’t get scammed. The thing is when you are using the internet, you are more likely to run into fraudulent companies rather than trusted, and this is the main issue which you might Run into and want to choose another option.

The thing is, IQ option has been tested thoroughly, and there are hundreds of thousands of transactions which are made in it, which again verifies that this platform is not a scam. We know that every one of you wants your money to be safe and wants your data to be reliable and therefore, we have thoroughly tested the system. Every trader has a different approach to what the word secure means and we will try to answer every procedure for you, and in case you did not find an answer which is suitable to you, make sure to ask questions.

IQ option is supervised by many supervisors in many sub countries, and therefore it has a lot of trusts. IQ Option is a regulated broker who is licensed to provide investment products. The license which has been mentioned above is not easy to get in, and if a broker who already has this license is to be judged, it is sure that just license will show a sign of quality. All of the terms which are here will be applied to the plant funds, business products, marketing restrictions. You will be able to read all the regulations of the CySec on the official website.

Also, there are a lot of problems which we experience. We have made more than ten deposits do this broker using credit cards, Bank transfers, skill transfers, and almost 50 withdrawals. Withdrawals are usually processed immediately. This is in case you are using a credit card or internet wallet. Other kinds of withdrawals are processed within 24 hours if it is a business day.

If you have any kind of question, you can use the email to email the support team, and you will get a reply as soon as possible. If you have already registered and account on IQ options, then the support takes the form of an online chat and will be able to respond within seconds to you. We have already tried asking about five different things.