About us

About us

Our world is changing more rapidly than ever before. For a very abstract technology like money (especially in its digital form), these changes are especially pronounced. Global financial crises, giant holes in the budgets of nations large and small, interconnected banking systems, bloated capitalizations of unprofitable corporations – all these factors lead to an accumulation of hidden risks.

Man cannot see into the future. There are no successful businessmen who have been able to “beat” the markets and predict future events for long enough to make money.

If we see the risks piling up, we can’t help but participate in the money market, and we can’t predict when the next big collapse is going to happen, what’s our way?

We¬† think that the way is to develop “immunity” to financial crises. And cryptocurrencies, at the expense of built-in inflation protection, is one of the right steps.

When we realized in 2017 that we couldn’t stay away from the blockchain revolution, we decided to build a long-term education and outreach project to help newcomers understand and open their eyes to the possibilities of the technology.