Cryptocurrency market trends 2021

This is a great time for those who have not yet had time to invest in cryptocurrencies. Today there are many uptrends in the digital assets market, which, according to experts, will dominate for more than one year. Let’s take a closer look at the 2021 cryptocurrency market and outline its trends together with ProstoCoin. […]

What is gas in Ethereum

The Ethereum network, unlike Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, operates not only the main cryptocurrency, but also Gas. It is Gas that allows users not only to make transactions, but also to run smart contracts, deploy DApps, and store information on the blockchain. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what Gas […]

How much was Bitcoin worth in the beginning

Over the course of its existence, Bitcoin has evolved from a “financial bubble,” as it has been called, into the world’s most expensive and best-known currency. The value of the main cryptocurrency repeatedly fell and then rose, surpassing its previous records. Let’s remember the path of the first cryptocurrency, how much Bitcoin was worth in […]

How to create a Litecoin wallet

Litecoin is one of the first altcoins on the market, having appeared back in 2011. It is called cryptocurrency silver, Bitcoin-lite, or bitcoin 2.0, because Litecoin partially borrowed the technology and basic principles from Coin 1. The creators of LTC are positioning the coin as a convenient payment instrument, focusing on the speed of transactions. […]

Dictionary of cryptocurrency terms

  The cryptocurrency world is still quite young, but it has already developed its own terms and vocabulary. Not all words are unfamiliar, they often have meanings in related fields, but in the world of digital assets, the terminology changes somewhat with adjustments to the specifics of the industry. In order to understand information and […]